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Neigh Kid

Genetic Testing

HYPP                           NH

HERDA                        NHrd

GBED                          NN

PSSM1                        NP1

MH                               NN

IMM/MYH                     Pending​

Equiseq Panel (research only)

PSSM2                        NN

PSSM3                        NN

PSSM4                        NP4

PSSMX                       NN

Color Testing

Black/Red                   ee

Agouti                         Aa

Creme                         CrCr

OLWS                          NN

We have been blessed to own TBird for the last few years and cannot wait so see what the future holds for this amazing individual.  Both his sire and dam are point earners. We will be working with him under saddle so that we can hopefully trailer him to a couple of shows.  TBird is currently in training with Forever West Performance Horses.


Private Treaty

See contract for details and restrictions. 

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